Eight of the past nine years, The Better Detroit Youth Movement has hosted a college fair at The Cobo Centre with 30 to 40 attending colleges, on-site scholarship awards and an average of 1,500 junior and senior high school students. This event has provided an ongoing opportunity to speak with and learn from these young men and women about their dreams, wants and needs. Many shared they’d like opportunities to be more successful in school and life, but often don’t do so, or know how or where to so do.

Concerned by these conversations, an advisory board of nine BDYM members, all high school or college students, was challenged to develop a plan to spark mass engagement and major enrichment of Greater Detroit teens.

About nine months later, here are the plan’s key goals: 1) consistently communicate resources and information to Detroit teens and families; 2) foster stronger communication and collaboration among our youth-serving community; and, 3) encourage ongoing involvement of and support from adults as teen resources.

This is the Detroit Youth Resource Alert Project (RAP).

This may be a way to grow the Detroit our children deserve – once and for all.

Click here to read the RAP plan presentation.